Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Web Browser

What is Web Browser: A web browser is an application (program) that used to search specific URL in World Wide Web and get an access to the content of URL in web page.


World Wide Web
Internet Protocol
Domain Name Server
Universal Resource Locator
Hyper test transfer Protocol

How does it work – The user has to specify the URL in address bar of the while searching a web page.  Once the given URL transmitted (Pressed Enter Key) from address bar then browser tries to establish a connection with DNS. The DNS receives a ULR request (www.xxxxxx.com) from browser and mould the domain name (xxxxxx) into IP address like ( Internally it maintains a map table where it searches the given URL and its corresponding IP address.

After receiving IP address from DNS, the browser start requesting to particular system (IP) to get access to its resource. Basically it established a server and client relationship.

Example:  WWW.DZONE.COM . In this example DZONE is the domain name and .COM represents to connect DNS to get its IP and content.

What will happen if we specify only domain name Browser?

The browser can not find the page in World Wide Web. Search will be failed. 
In below, only domain name specified in the address-bar.

As we can see the domain DZONE could not found by the web browser therefore it tries to search by its default search engine (Here- Google). However it is also a feature of web browser to search in default engine if browser does not find proper IP address. 

What happens if domain name followed with .COM

Once a domain name specified with .COM then browser understand to connect DNS at first place to 
get its IP address and searched the page in world wide web.

Can we connect to specific domain if we aware of IP.

Yes. We can connect to specific domain thru IP address. If we have IP address then web browser does not try to connect DNS. It saves time.

Let example is IP address of DZONE domain. If we provide the same in address bar then web browser will connect to DZONE directly.

What happens after getting connected to DOMAIN.

Domain basically refers to particular server that provides a specific service. Web browser and Server share a common protocol to perform action. These protocols can be achieved by HTML/XML language. Browser can interpret HTML/XML code and display video, image and text. Latest generation of browser can perform many actions by help of script language.

What all example of Web Browser.

  1. Internet Explorer.
  2. Mozilla.
  3. Chrome.
  4. Firefox.
  5. Safari.

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